Peridot 3x5mm Chip Beads

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Sold as temporary strung 36 inch (approx) strands.

Peridot's colour of  yellow/green is mainly dependent on the amount of ferrous iron present.  Peridot mining dates back about 4,000 years, and the gemstone is mentioned in the Bible under the Hebrew name pitdah. Valuable peridots have been excavated in Egypt and faceted stones have been found in the ruins of ancient Greece. In Roman times, it was known as "evening emerald," since peridot appears green even in weak light. Peridot is said to have been the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra.  It was introduced to Europe during the Middle Ages by the Crusaders, who used it for ecclesiastical purposes. It remained popular in the Baroque era. Hawaiian legend holds that peridot is the goddess Pele's tears.  Peridot is believed to help slow the aging proces and to help speech, increasing eloquence and removing impediments. Many also believe it to increase patience, confidence and assertiveness.

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