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Beryl (Multi Stone) Beads

Legend - In its pure state Beryl is colourless, but impurities give it a beautiful range of colours.  Iron produces the blues of Aquamarine and the yellows of Heliodor while manganese gives rise to the pink of Morganite.  Because there are so many appealing varieties, beryl is sometimes referred to as the "Mother of Gemstones".  Beryl is one of the oldest recorded stones and has been used in jewellery for thousands of years.  It's name is from the Greek beryllos which in ancient times was the name applied to more than one kind of green mineral - it's original significance is unknown.

Properties - Beryl is believed to help deal with a stressful life and to shed unnecessary baggage.  It aids in tuning into guidance.

Description - These Beryl beads are a mixture of Aquamarine beads (blue), Morganite beads (pink) and Heliodor beads (yellow and green).  They are opaque in a pastel colour range.  Sold as temporary strung 39cm strands.

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