Turquoise (Reconstituted)

Turquoise (Reconstituted)

Legend - About 4000 years ago Ancient Egyptians made a form of reconstituted turquoise.  It differed from todays product as they didn't actually use turquoise.  They used crushed quartz which was then dyed, glazed and heated - the presence of copper in the glaze would give a blue-green colour and the result is known as Egyptian Faience.  Today, as Turquoise is a fairly soft stone, it is easy to grind it to a powder, add resins and dye and form into blocks.  These blocks are then made into beads.

Properties - Supposed to be a stone of communication, making one more eloquent, loving, creative and honest. Also considered a stone of friendship.

Description - These reconstituted Turquoise beads are a pretty Turquoise Blue colour, showing light veining.  Sold as temporary strung 39-40cm (approx) strands.

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