Jade (Butter)

Jade (Butter)

Legend - Jade as been valued for millennia by various cultures.  Stronger than steel it has been used for tools and ornaments.  Its name derives from the Spanish “piedra de ijada” meaning stone of the side as it was believed to cure kidney and hip problems.

Properties - Jade is also considered a symbol of purity and serenity.  A protective stone bringing harmony, good luck and friendship.

Description - These are commonly called Butter Jade beads (sometimes Olive Jade)  but are actually a form of Yellow Serpentine -  not to be confused with Butterstone (sometimes mistakenly called Butter Jade or African Butter Jade).   Apologies, it as been difficult to capture the correct colour in a photograph.  However, these beads are typical Butter Jade which is a creamy Greenish/yellow.  Sold as temporary strung 40cm (approx) strands.

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