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Chrysoprase Beads

Legend - Chrysoprase is a variety of quartz.  Its name comes from the Greek "chryso" for gold and "prason"  for leek as it resembles the colour of vegetables.  The colour varies from yellowish green to apple green and grass green depending on the content of hydrated silicates or nickel oxides.    It can range from nearly transparent to opaque - the transparent being used mainly for cabochons and the opaque for beads.  The ancient Greeks and Romans valued chrysoprase as a decorative stone and for jewellery beads.

Properties - Chrysoprase is believed to impart a sense of being part of the divine whole.  Also believed to promote hope.

Description - These Chrysoprase beads are opaque showing a good range of the various greens.  Sold as temporary strung 40cm (approx) strands.

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