Citrine 5x8mm Chip Beads

In stock

Sold as temporary strung 36 inch (approx) strands.

The name citrine comes from the French citron, or "lemon," for its color. The stone is a particular type of quartz. Much of the citrine on the market today is actually heat-treated.  Natural citrine is not common and occurs in lighter hues than the heat-treated material. Also, heat-treated forms can often be distinguished from natural citrine by their red tint (a quality of all heat-treated gemstones).  In ancient times, citrine was carried as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts, but it didn't see substantial use as a gemstone in jewelry until the Romantic Period (1837-1860). Citrine is purported to stimulate memory.  It symbolizes light-heartedness, joy, happiness, wisdom and peace, and is said to enhance creativity and motivate writers.

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