Charoite 5x8mm Chip Beads

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Sold as temporary strung 36 inch (approx) strands.

Named from where it was first discovered in 1947 - the Russian mountainous region near the Chara River.  It is a mineral in the monoclinic crystal system, appearing as an opaque gemstone with a wild, swirling pattern of interlocking crystals. The colors in each piece of charoite range from bright lavender, violet and lilac to dark purple, with white, gray and black veining. It is an unusual mineral of rare occurrence. The purported healing power of charoite is that by putting it under your pillow, it will release the fears that surface in your dreams. Yoga enthusiasts claim that working with charoite fosters a synthesis between the heart and crown chakra, helps you walk your spiritual path with awareness and manifests your soul's wisdom and light in daily life.

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